Hoyt’s Presents How to Care for Your Septic System

Septic system owners need to abide by certain dos and don’ts in order to maintain a healthy system. You have two choices: you can either take care of your septic system, or it will eventually fail.

Avoid a disastrous situation by abiding by these important dos and don’ts.

Septic System Dos:

● Avoid using the garbage disposal.

● Be conscious of your water use; conserve water where possible. Don’t flood your system with water. Spread    water use out (I.E. 1-2 loads of laundry/day, 1 dishwasher load each day every few days).

● Have your tank pumped every 2-3 years.

● Learn where your septic system is located and divert water away from it.

Septic System Don’ts:

● Flush (or pour down the drain) unacceptable items and substances.

● Put toxic cleaners or other harmful chemicals down the drain.

● Plant trees or bushes over your septic system.

● Drive a car over your septic system.

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