Hoyt’s “Please Don’t Forget Me” Service

The average septic tank should be pumped out once every 2-3 years. If you have a large family with heavy water usage, we recommend you have your tank cleaned more often. A common argument against this regimen is from homeowners with only 1 or 2 occupants who state that it's hardly used and not full at the end of 3 years. True, it may not be full, but after a certain amount of time, the solids at the bottom, which we pump out, become almost unbreakable and can be difficult to vacuum out. Unfortunately, due to the trouble this causes and the time this takes, this is reflected in the pumping cost. We strongly recommend that you do not go any longer than 3 years. The best way to maintain this schedule is with our pumping program - our “Please Don’t Forget Me” service. The “Please Don’t Forget Me” service makes life easy!

Convenient Service

You pick the month, we pick the day.

We service at your scheduled intervals - yearly, every 2 years, or every 3 years - in your requested month. We will notify you when your time has come, and group our customers by area. Neighborhood mass pumping in one area at one time saves us fuel, and since we save money, you will, too!

Request a courtesy call and we will make every effort to contact you when your septic system is due for recommended maintenance. This is a courtesy that we offer to our customers in addition to the maintenance booklet that is provided.

To register for the “Please Don’t Forget Me” system, contact us.

How do I get my name on the system?

Call us at 506-452-8700


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