Septic Services from Hoyt’s

Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd. provides the complete septic care package. From installations to cleaning, we are here for the life of your septic system.

Our goal is to provide a level of service to you that is superior to the level of service provided by our competitors. That’s why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction – we are sure you will be happy with our services, which include:

  • 24/7 Disaster Service
  • Septic Tank/Holding Tank Draining, Cleaning, Installation & Inspection
  • Septic Tank/Pipe Location
  • Grease Trap Servicing
  • Industrial Waste Disposal
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • Flushing & Jetting
  • Pipe Thawing (Roof & Perimeter Drain, Cross Culverts; Replaced or Repaired)
  • Portable Toilet/Hand Wash Station Sales & Rental
  • Video Camera Inspection (Sewer Line, In-House Plumbing Lines, Perimeter Drain Lines of Buildings)
  • Lift Stations, Pumps & Pump Repairs
  • Lids & Tee Replacements
  • Septic Field Lines (Repaired or Replaced)
  • Commercial & Residential Inspection Letters Available
  • Flushing & Jetting (Pipes, Perimeter Drains; Replaced or Repaired)


At Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd we are committed to providing the top brands to our customers in order to promote optimum growth, root mass, crop yield and plant health. Some of the products we recommend for your garden include:

Septic Service Contracts Available

Take the worry out of one aspect of home ownership. We will assist you in protecting your investment in your home. Set up a service/maintenance contract with us and we will take care of scheduling and maintaining your septic system. We offer regular scheduled cleaning of your septic tanks, effluent filters, and lift stations.

Commercial Service Contracts Available

We offer service and maintenance contracts for:

  • Carwash/Garage Interceptor Sand Pit Pumping
  • Restaurant/Kitchen Grease Trap Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Lift Station, Manhole & Catch Basin Cleaning/Pumping
  • Yearly/Semi-annual/Quarterly/Monthly Service Reminders
  • Scheduled Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning
  • Septic System Inspection & Reporting
  • Sewage Lagoon Maintenance
  • Floor Drain Clearing

Septic Inspections

If you are buying a home with a septic tank, you should consider having it inspected by a professional septic contractor to access both the septic tank and the leaching field for potential problems. It is always a good idea to pump the septic tank, but this needs to be done in its proper sequence in the testing of the system.

Septic Tank/Pipe Location

If you have tried everything and still cannot locate your septic tank, we have an electronic location transmitter that will do the job for you. Use of the transmitter requires access to the clean-out of the main sewer line (usually located where the plumbing lines exit the building).

Portable Toilet Rental

Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd. is the leading provider of premium restroom service throughout Fredericton and the surrounding area. Portable restrooms are the perfect economical solution for locations where permanent restrooms are not practical or are unavailable, including

  • Arenas
  • Seasonal or Temporary Businesses
  • Greenhouses & Outdoor Markets
  • Auctions
  • Remote Buildings or Sites
  • Beaches & Marinas
  • Tourist Attractions & Highway Rest Areas
  • Parking Lots
  • Transfer Stations & Landfills

Limit spread of germs, long lines for the toilet, and keep your guests comfortable with portable toilet rentals from Hoyt’s. We offer:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates or Special Events
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Handwash & Waterless Hand Sanitizer Units
  • Insulated Covers & Sky-hooks
  • Hand Wash Stations- 2-person & 4-person

Grease Trap & Interceptor Service & Maintenance

A grease trap, or interceptor, separates grease/solids from wastewater. Grease and solids separate from the water, facilitating the need for removal of these substances for proper operation of the drainage system. The most common cause of kitchen drains backing up is a poorly maintained grease trap system. When a system is not maintained, the grease and solids will accumulate beyond the maximum levels for which the grease trap was designed. The grease will have no place to collect and will overflow to the drain system, eventually clogging the drains and causing a backup into the business establishment.

Our approach is not only to empty the grease trap body, but also examine and clean the inlet and outlet pipes as required. The solution is a regular grease trap maintenance schedule that can prevent troublesome drain backup which causes kitchen shut down and loss of revenue. Our premium service includes removing the lid, pumping out food and grease waste from the grease trap, inspecting both inlet and outlet pipes and removing any obvious blockages (i.e. grease, stir sticks, etc.), then returning and re-sealing the lid.

Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd. is dedicated to eliminating your grease trap problems by providing a scheduled and reliable grease trap pumping service. Our commercial services team will provide solutions to ensure your grease trap interceptor maintenance objectives are met. We have dedicated personnel to support the needs of food service operators of all types, whether you are a restaurant, food service establishment, multi-unit operator, cafeteria, food processor, or any other type of food service professional. We are committed to ensuring that our technicians have the proper skills, experience, and industry knowledge to suit the special needs of each of our individual clients. As always, 24 hour emergency service is available 7 days a week to our contractual clients.

Complete Food Service Waste Management

Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd. technicians are experts with respect to the care and maintenance of grease trap and drain line systems. Our technicians will perform a complimentary service check of your grease trap system when completing the cleaning with every visit. We offer a biological additive program designed to keep your system operating properly and to keep you in compliance with any by-law or requirement of governing agencies.

We also offer additional drain cleaning services, such as jetting, that can be provided in conjunction with your cleaning service, if required. Clogged drain lines cause unsanitary backups and may create the need for emergency service. Our jetting procedure reduces these incidents and helps keep your system in peak operating condition.

Supplementing our dedicated grease service, we also have a portable cleaning machine for small or congested locations such as food courts.

Contact our office today at 506-452-8700. We are confident that we have a maintenance plan for your business.

Maintain Your System

Hoyt’s helps you maintain your system. We let you know what we think are best products for the maintenance of your septic tank. We install complete new septic systems or repair/replace whatever has gone wrong in your current system. Give us a call. If we are not the best solution to solve your problem, we will be happy to direct you to the proper person/company who can help you.

“Preventative Medicine”

We believe in preventative medicine--you need to maintain your body for optimum health. Your septic system is not any different in that respect. No one wants to live through the experience of having a septic system backup, nor having to replace their septic system. A regular maintenance program combined with awareness of how your septic system operates and best practices will ensure no nasty surprises.


These products are vital supplements to the care and maintenance of your septic system. They contain high quality bacteria that help break down organic material in your drain or septic tank, maintaining good septic system health. The quality brands Hoyt’s trusts to care for your septic system include:

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For your garden:

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